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Sunday, March 16, 2014

You are special

Sometimes we ignore our inner voice  and we just neglect what we want whats our wishes and whats the importance of our own living dreams but we just starting ignoring and erasing inner voice and run after the others and to become what others want us to be ...and at the end when we realized what really we  want and whats our own priorities of life .then we wished to reverse our all passing moments which we lost in following peoples ...The pin point is that we should listen our soul speaking because  this inner voice deemed with honesty and took the reality of life in front of us
its pure, true and enlighten with smoother bright lights to moved on  even with our weakness .

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


        Unending stories of my life <3
 My soul my heart and my feelings only belongs to you it really doesn't matter if our  life take us on the out of direction to  our journey of love ........................... The Only Thing which truly matter is ... (20-5-12)

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Inside me

Every tear departs on my heart to soul 

I never forget

i will always care for you
even if we are not together  and even if
we are far far away from each other...

Love accusation

                                                                    Love's accusation

And his black eyes

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As long as I have breath
I will miss you..........
 There are so many memories in our lives are  and a lot of things we do not tell anyone
You're a  part of my life and belongs to my  incomplete story which
I never shared with anyone................ No one can understand except me
I remember every moment  which i spent with you

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